What's Jack&Queen?

What's Jack&Queen?

reported in various media

Daiketsudan! DoChidorijya!The interview was broadcast on Yomiuri TV “Daiketsudan! DoChidorijya! Natsu Owarantoite SP” (Chidori’s Big Decision Special)

CastLive broadcast on ABC evening news “Cast”! A comedian, Mr. Nishidai of Missileman visited us to report.

ABC morning news “Ohayou Call”Broadcast in “Okitoku” on ABC morning news “Ohayou Call”! Real experience by an announcer, Mr. Taichi Yokoyama and a reporter, Ms. Misaki Aizawa.

Sankei NewspaperReported on a morning / evening edition of Sankei Newspaper.

Asahi NewspaperReported on a morning edition of Asahi Newspaper.

サンテレビ「AGEHA TV」Mr. Watabe of Un-jash introduced Jack&Queen on Sun-TV “Ageha TV”.

officer for interviews

Amusement casino is legal

Manager Takafumi Maekawa

Jack&Queen is an amusement casino restaurant observes laws and regulations. Casino has bad images like illegal, back business, baccarat, debt, or bankruptcy. However, we carry on business based on permission for a game parlor on Amusement Business Law business type business. Only listed companies run casinos in the world. “Casino=bad” is Japanese particular misunderstanding.

1. Only Japan does not have casinos among developed countries. (in 1,300 countries)
2. "It is strange Japan does not have a casino!" by Den Fujita, the founder of Japan McDonald's.
3. Originally, Casino is an amusement in social situations of European noble people.

90% of Japanese have not experienced casino

  • Japanese pinball Pachinko is very common in Japan, but this amusement is domestic only.
  • Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. The sport the most people are playing is soccer in the world.
  • Bending machine is everywhere in Japan, but there are seldom in other countries.
  • Four seasons exist in some countries in the world. Besides, TOTO washlet bidet or Sento public bath…

casino is a worldwide entertainment business

Do I need much money to play in a casino?

In Jack&Wueen

You can play for 2-3 hours with admission fee

how to enjoy casino

No problem! We are here for you

We provide a tutorial on casino games specially to you at a dedicated table. (No chip is required for a lecture.)

You will never play with experiencers from the start.

We will explain all four games in 30 minutes.
(Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack)

Free lecture is available for all of single, couple, group guests.

No problem! We are here for you.

Conception in 60sec. Roulette

Conception in 60sec.

Conception in 60sec. Baccarat

Conception in 60sec. Blackjack

Casino game is so easy

dress code

Jeans pants OK!

Jeans pants OK!

T-shirt and short pants are OK!

T-shirt and short pants are OK!

Sandals OK!

Sandals OK!

Tattoo NG!

Tattoo NG!

Working clothes NG!

Working clothes NG!

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